Adam Dutkiewicz

In the late 1990s I painted a number of constructivist works and other quite complicated paintings that responded to early – mid 20th century abstract styles, and produced a series of hand painted digital works based on some recent drawings, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci. I held a very successful exhibition of oil and acrylic paintings at Light Gallery in 2003, with work done following my PhD on post-war Australian abstract painting.

In the early-mid 2000s I began working with metallic oil paints and broken grids. I kept simplifying my processes, and from around 2010 produced a number of reasonably busy, but mostly flat, acrylic paintings and some blocky palette-knife driven oils. Since 2006 I have been busy with my publications and exhibition curation, and I have being doing a lot of digital photography and digital art since 2011. I use an older style Canon (EOS 400D) and prefer to undercrank exposures and to make adjustments if required later in processing – or to superimpose exposures to be creative. I like photographing aspects of the bush and details and scenes in the city and suburbs – often working from my background as an abstract painter to compose my images.