Colleen Duffy

My practice is mainly painting and drawing using traditional media such as oil and pastel. I am however, interested in exploring new techniques in order to represent my ideas.

Stimulated by different visual images, I find a variety of subjects interesting. Landscape and natural forms inspire me. South Australia offers a variety of wonderful landscapes. The hills with there creeks, trees and the human additions of buildings, roads and animals all draw my attention. I love the long beaches, skies and vast expanses of coastal areas. I frequently explore contrasts in colour and tonal qualities, sunlight and shade.

An abiding love of Africa and it’s amazing wildlife, has inspired me to paint the animals that were an important part of my youth. So many of these animals are now threatened with terrible destruction even extinction. I am driven to paint them in the hope of drawing attention to their plight. I have donated some of these paintings  to conservation groups.

Painting for me is a compelling occupation and one which I find totally absorbing and satisfying. I paint because I must, because if I don’t paint or draw for at least part of every week I feel frustrated , unfulfilled.