2019 Summer School Art Workshops at the Royal South Australian Society of Arts

Not sure what to do in January. Check out the art workshops we have on offer in the RSASA gallery. The gallery is a wonderful place to learn new skills. We also have a workshop in Haigh Miller’s inviting studio. It is worth doing this workshop just to visit Haigh’s studio but you get even more. You come away with two books and lots of information to use bookmaking in your own art practice.

Ellie Noir has two workshops, offering portrait drawing skills and you can read about her “Perceptual Colour for Portrait Painting”. You can see more of Ellie’s work on her website.

For more details about the 2019 January workshops download the entry form here . If you want more information or would like to book a spot call Sandra on 0405 139 377 or Uta on 0403 812 095

David Archer’s exhibition at the Adelaide Library

David Archer Automata Two Day Workshop

David Archer works from Adelaide, South Australia and is a maker of ingenious automata, animatronics and devices of all kinds. His career spans more than twenty-five years from childhood inventor; boilermaker – welder; ceramic and visual artist.

Basic Automata workshops are tailored for young people and adults in a more involved workshop where they can enjoy the unique experience of designing and constructing their own interactive sculpture. Participants learn the fundamentals of Automata, mechanisms, clay modelling, construction and decorating. With this basic understanding of automata principles, participants will be able to “bring their sculptures to life!” and gain insight into this rewarding art

Bookbinding workshop

Haig Miller’s studio ready for a workshop

Haig Miller Bookbinding One Day Workshop

Haig is a retired teacher, who actively collects antiquarian books and book binding equipment. He is Adelaide University Archives’ volunteer book repairer and volunteers for Oxfam Bookshop, Mitcham Heritage Centre and the RSASA in book related areas. As a member of the RSASA Council since 2015 Haig is actively involved is RSASA.

Bookbinding related workshops and talks have been delivered at the WEA, the Hand Spinners & Weavers Guild of SA, Mitcham Heritage Centre and Libraries, Gallery One, the SA Writers Centre and RSASA Summer School.

Workshop participants will create two books. An A5 journal/photo album – hard cover, and an A5 pamphlet binding – soft 270gsm kraft cover.

Some of the skills covered will include creating covered corners, packing spines, hard cover hinge formation, and covering boards with book cloth. The historical development of writing surfaces and bookbinding styles will be discussed over the day.
Soft Sculpture Workshop

Alison Arnold’s soft sculptures

Alison Arnold Sculpture One Day Workshop

Alison is a studio potter with 30 years’ experience. She studied and trained in Adelaide at AC Arts and the Jam Factory and has exhibited and sold work in the UK and Australia. Her work is distinguishable by her love of decoration and the many techniques she uses to bring surfaces to life.

In addition to pottery she began working with textiles around 3 years ago and found that she could add and embellish surfaces to her heart’s content free from the technical challenges of ceramics.

Alison has a large collection of second hand and ‘scrap’ materials, plus ribbons, buttons and beads gathered from op shop accessories and jewellery which she uses to create new treasures and wearable art. These soft sculptures begin their second life as discarded soft toys when layers of fabric are added, hand stitching each securely into place so new characters start to reveal themselves.