Kaaren Temme

I hold a Master of Visual Arts degree from the University of South Australia as well as qualifications from other institutions.

I work as a textile and mixed media artist concentrating on machine embroidery, tapestry weaving and experimental artwork.

I do not keep journals but rather experiment as I go using basic information gathered by my photography, drawings, painting and found images which I can adapt to my requirements. I often use calico fabric backed with a heavy iron-on surface which stops puckering. Silk is also a favourite fabric as I have many dyed samples to choose from. I transfer the design to the fabric using various techniques before embroidering. Changes are always possible. I concentrate on small tapestries using a table loom. A cartoon of the design is attached, size is preset. I tend to favour a mixture of yarns, thicknesses and colours to achieve the desired result.

A sewing machine is useful for wirework which is often stitched to dissolvable fabrics using a very tough needle. Sometimes the designs are pre-determined other times, not.

I am involved with the RSASA as an exhibitor and volunteer, exhibit with other groups as well as being a finalist in juried exhibitions.