Marilyn Jacobs

I have been practising watercolour painting since 2008, this uniquely challenging medium being my preferred artistic expression. I exhibit regularly through local art societies and exhibitions. My initial work has generally been representational but currently I am experimenting with different styles, design elements and techniques. Initially I received my introduction to watercolour under the late Matt Bruce in the UK and later, with Arthur Phillips as well as participating in workshops conducted by internationally acclaimed watercolour tutors.

Within two years of joining RSASA, I was eligible for a Fellowship Award, proud to receive such peer recognition having only just begun my artistic journey. As a child I had always shown an aptitude for drawing but it took many decades of career and family interruption to eventually find a foothold in the world of art.

I now paint what inspires me, experimenting with what challenges me. In 2018, I conducted watercolour classes in France as a personal challenge as well as taking an opportunity to promote the medium. My future aim is to continue to travel this watercolour road, to improve my understanding, if not mastery, of this exciting but very elusive medium.