There are several membership categories that cover those with an interest in art but have no practical background through to the artist of high competence and professional ability.


comprises people who wish to express their interest in a practical fashion by involvement in some aspects of the Society functions. This may be through attending functions such as the opening of exhibitions, assisting in the catering needs, participating in the manual tasks of preparation and hanging of exhibitions, and helping in administrative jobs such as mail-outs and photocopying.


are welcomed for many reasons – the Society always needs new ideas and the injection of new approaches and updated methods. They bring information about changed educational and training methods from colleges, and their submission of works give visual statements of innovative approaches to art.


 are those who are working artists, whether or not they are professional or amateur practitioners. They may be graduates or have achieved a level of collegiate or other formal training, or have personally developed their skills.


 is automatically granted to Practising Members when three entries for exhibitions have been given Awards of Merit.


 are awarded to Associates who have submitted a range of their works accompanied by Curriculum Vitae and other supporting evidence they believe warrants their advancement to Fellow.


may be awarded to members who have given outstanding service to the Society. Distinguished supporters of the Society or of the visual arts may also be granted Honorary Membership.


Joining fee - $20

Annual Subscriptions:

Students - $25

Practising Members - $60

Friends of the Society - $20


David Baker
David Baker Artist and photographer. Fellow of the RSASA

Anita Bentley 
realist watercolour painter.
(see also DavidSumner Gallery profile and Facebook Page).

Ian Fraser
Irish artist now living in Adelaide; winner of RSASA inaugural portrait exhibition 2013

Heyer Arts 
Kon Heyer, a painting and sculpture artist working in a wide variety of media.

Roger Hjorleifson 
Roger Hjorleifson, sculptor and Fellow of the RSASA.

Trish Hoskin Photography 
The photographic portfolio of Trish Hoskin, Fellow of the RSASA.

Judith Klavins 
South Australian visual artist specializing in equine art and nature in its many forms.

Heather Lorenzon 
Heather Lorenzon FRSASA: Portraits, landscape using mixed media.

Penny MacLaren
Penny Maclaren  mainly specialises in drawing and painting.

Uta Mooney 
Mixed Media Artist and Fellow of the RSASA.

Barbara McGuire 
A colourful artist of nature and her surronds.

Ritter Art 
oil painter and Fellow of the RSASA.

Philippa Robert 
an artist working with drawing and painting.

Richard Rogers 
Richard Rogers, acrylic painter.

Emerson Ward 
Fantasy Art by Emerson Ward.

Tony Wynne 
mostly drawing and printmaking.


Artist, Nicki Penery photo by Jenny Tuck at Splashout Studios

Sala in the Gardens 2