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Doug Moran Portrait Exhibition 2005, RSASA Gallery


The Library has been accumulating since the foundation of the Society and has in the past been a major source of research and information. Famous members including Jeffery Smart and Louis James have praised it as a valuable reference point in their studies.

Some of the volumes are not recorded elsewhere, and their unique ownership is indicative of the high archival value of the earlier books, while generous members have provided modern works that enable current reference and research.

The more valuable books may be studied within the Gallery, while current publications are available for a two week lending period.

Some periodicals are available including seasonal journals from the National Gallery, Canberra and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The quality of these journals is outstanding and both established and emerging artists will find them valuable.


Acquisitions and gifts have contributed to the assembly of a substantial collection of paintings and sculptures. They include works by artists including Louis James, Jacqueline Hick, Ruth Tuck, Mervyn Smith, Bob Landt, Francis Roy Thompson and Andrew Steiner.

The collection is included in our exhibition roster every year or so, and provides a perspective on the output of artists over more than a hundred years.



Purpose built for the Society in 1906-07, the Gallery was restored around 2004 to its original colour scheme, used for the famous Federal Exhibitions from 1898 until 1923. It has been the venue of many hundreds of exhibitions since – seasonal and special members’ exhibitions; solo and retrospective shows of famous artists, including Society Fellows; competitions and touring prize exhibitions; and collections marking specific occasions for the Society and its various activities. Many of these have been notable events in Adelaide's art calendar.

The Gallery accommodates usually around seventy to eighty paintings plus sculptures, textiles and prints.


The Society is run by members for the benefit of its members – a volunteer based organisation relying upon volunteers to supervise the gallery space, hang exhibitions, assist with openings, organise exhibitions, and many other tasks. If you are willing to volunteer your time and energy to assist The Society, please get in contact with us. We'd be thrilled to have you on board! If you are not a RSASA member as a practicing artist, consider becoming a “Friend”.

Are you a young artist looking to gain some hands on experience in the art world? Volunteering is an invaluable way to gain practical skills and become familiar with such things as hanging exhibitions, how openings are organised and run, and basic curatorial practices. Volunteering is also a fantastic networking opportunity and a great way to become exposed to art outside of your normal interests and work in a dynamic team environment with other creatively-minded individuals.