Penelope Hillam

Born in Victoria, Penelope Hillam is an award and prize winning artist who works across a variety media and subjects areas including marine art, portraits and architectural forms. She has continued to be fascinated by reflections and mirror images often playing on contrasting aspects, physical/spiritual, outer/internal worlds, realistic/abstract highlighting the contrast between the natural and man-made aspects that make an exciting colourful dramatic affect.

In recent times, due to new materials, she has returned to explore the technique of printmaking. This has now developed into an interest in surface texture and assemblage. This is combined with a moral responsibility to work sustainably recycling and using found objects, working on collage using canvas as a Textile. This has also included eclectic Architectural buildings that have shaped our history. She looks at belief and the sacred, using gold leaf as it has been used throughout history spanning cultures and beliefs, design and decoration.

The essence reflects many cultures and many religions into a harmonious collection of textures, stitching, drawing and paintwork, whose work is inspired from her travels, cultural background and the imaginative Celtic story telling of her childhood.