Scott Eames

My artistic journey began in 1978 at the age of two, when my father would bring home window putty from a construction site for me to play with. From there, my love for art was sparked, and throughout my childhood I was drawing and sculpting.

I clashed with the education system, and by fifteen, decided to leave school and enter a full-time apprenticeship as a butcher.

I rediscovered art in my twenties when I realised my butcher training, gave me a solid foundation in understanding the anatomy and my martial arts training from the age of seven, an understanding in the movement of the body.

I’m now a professional practitioner of sculpture, drawing and painting. My focus is portraiture, small and large-scale figurative works and historical works. I always work from life, unless I am working on an historical figure, where I work from images, etchings, and paintings such as my recent bust and statue of Queen Adelaide.

My aim is to portray the soul, the energy, and the emotion of my subject. When I complete a work that is deep with truth, emotion, and a feeling that is alive and breathing, my job as an artist is done.