Sheila Whittam


I am fascinated by the built environment and architectural space  and it  is a  major part of  my studio practice – for a considerable  time  has reflected  this idea – it belongs to a particular aesthetic of assemblage, combined with mixed media drawing  a  malleable and layer-able  method  using  conte, charcoal, ink, watercolour, gouache, and collage.

It entails deconstructing and reconstructing, creating a surface which itself is a history and connects with my memory within my subject matter. The drawing and mark-making – sometimes pared back by sanding and erasing – reveal a palimpsest of the whole process.

Other materials:

I am an artist who also likes to experiment with other medium – oils on canvas using a palette knife for landscape , encaustic which  is an ancient Egyptian material – quite organic and requires me to work with heat as an alchemist.

My influences are Pablo Bronstien, Wangaretti Mutu, George Baldissen, Sally Smart, Max Ernst, Jen Sensburg, David Hockney and Christopher Orchard.

BA. Vis arts. Adelaide Central School of Art.