Stephanie Schrapel

Born 27 December 1944

Membership of RSASA:

Joined in mid 1960s, Fellowship 1983, President 1985-1992, Honorary Life Membership 1993.

Major Exhibitions:

South Australian Heritage, retrospective RSASA 1986 then touring SA and Canberra.

South Australian Women Photographers Festival Theatre Foyer 1988-1989, Link Gallery & Photo Access Canberra 1990

Moods of Lake Mungo with Heather Clegg Flinders University Art Museum 1990 and Canberra 1991

Artist in the Field Camp XI 1991 & exhibition MAGNT 1992

Artists in the Field: a retrospective 2000 MAGNT.

World Heritage retrospective RSASA, Gallery M 2006 and Port Adelaide Cultural Centre 2008

Exhibited: RSASA, Contemporary Art Society, Nexus Multicultural Art Centre, Kensington Gallery and Tynte Gallery

Represented in Artbank, MAGNT, Mildura Art Gallery, corporate and private collections.

Artist’s statement: Inspiration comes from natural landscapes, archaeological sites, more modern architecture and engineering and the richness and diversity of people’s daily lives
Cited in Adam Dutkiewicz A Visual History The Royal South Australian Society of Arts Volume One, RSASA Inc 2016

“Working in the tradition of the master photographers, she selects and records her surfaces, textures and the fantastic effects of shadow, rather than manipulate the shapes through darkroom techniques.”
Sasha Grishin Canbera Times 22 April 1989