Life Drawing

The Sketch Club (est. 1923)

Meeting at Hubbe Court, Burnside, Thursdays, 7 pm

The first time I went to Hubbe Court I had no idea what to expect.

I had heard from a friend of a friend that a life drawing group was held there weekly, on Thursday nights from 7 pm onward.

My memory of arriving there is vivid. I had never been to life drawing before and as you may expect I was a little bit nervous. My heightened sensitivity was enhanced as I was greeted by the blaring sounds of Ravi Shankar and a bearded bohemian man, more so, perhaps than by the naked lady posing in the centre of the room.

The Art and Craft Centre is ideally situated in the centre of a park at the end of hubby court. It is surrounded by towering ancient eucalypts and the chirping of native birds and is encircled by a small winding creek.

In addition to hosting the life drawing night the Art and Craft Centre also houses the Ruth Tuck Art School, which specializes in children’s art education as well as adult education in watercolour and printmaking.

In addition, workshops in various fields, such as pottery, sculpture, painting and drawing, are also held from time to time at Hubbe Court.

I have now become a regular at the Thursday night life drawing group and have developed great friendships with the other artists who draw there.

Although there is a bit of an age gap between myself and the majority of the group (although there are a few other youngsters who come along from time to time) this has been no obstacle to our friendship, and newcomers of all ages are always welcome.

Whilst no direct instruction is provided at the group, through the influence and advice of the artists at Hubby Court I have seen myself develop from a totally talentless worthless shmuck to a totally talentless worthless shmuck who can almost draw the figure pretty good. And I’m pretty happy with that.

Drawing commences at 7 pm and concludes at 10 pm. There is also a short break at half time at which complementary tea, coffee and biscuits are served. Entry is $8.

[posted by Andrew C.]

Catalogue for the Life Drawing exhibition, 1993 – celebrating the 70th Anniversary of The Sketch Club; cover image by Dorrit Black