Trish Hoskin

Trish’s website can be found here

Artist Biography:

Trish Hoskin is a digital artist from Adelaide. Artistic work has included watercolour, pastel, photography and digital art.

Recently changing to an architectural style including photographing houses, office and apartment buildings shooting from various angles depending on the look she wants to achieve.

Artist Statement:

My explorations into Art began at school.

I have always loved watercolour and night classes and a trip to Tasmania were beneficial in my progress. I joined a Local Art Society and stayed for over 10 years and then joined the Royal South Australian Society of Arts where I am honoured to be a Fellow.

During this time, I found I was looking for something else, and stumbled into photography and whilst not technical, I found my art skills assisted me getting some great shots. The rule of thirds and wow factor idea seem to kick in when needed.

I joined an on-line art group and it was like a light bulb switching on. My new direction into being able to select an image of a wonderful building and then creating an unusual and interesting piece of art.